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That awkward moment when you perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and you walk better than all the models. Rih

Bad bitches do it well

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Happy new years every one! I would love to answer some questions today but unfortunately my computer is being dumb and wont load the site I make my gifs on. I just wanted to wish you a Happy new year, and let you know I am not dead!

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bonus round: explain why it would fit them best!

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I wanna meet my followers.



Put this in my ask:

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Oh, this looks cool!

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Dazzled By Disney’s Put a princess in my box edition

Simply send whomever reblogs this the name of a princess/princesses to their inbox and they respond according to the subtitle. EX. If you send someone Rapunzel, they should tell you a place they want to travel.

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I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it. And I want more.

I see this as two different things. The first is you, the reader, becoming so drawn into the story that you become a part of it. The second is the characters of the books coming to life. I don’t know which I like better.

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Anonymous asked: -hides behind a wall- chartreuse senpai

I notice you! 

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jbricksquad asked: PURPLE GREY PINK :)

Aw you have a crush on me? 

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Anonymous asked: Fuchsia! :)

Aw how cute! I would love to be your friend!

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bluelagoon135 asked: You could make an awesome picture with all these colors you're getting!

….That’s actually a really good idea!